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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Are you licensed?

    A: Alliance Realty and Property Management’s broker holds a real estate license in both Tennessee and Kentucky. The business is licensed by the states of Tennessee and Kentucky.
  • Q: Can I reach you after hours?

    A: For convenience, we offer an after hours emergency contact number.
  • Q: Can you put the money directly into my account?

    A: We disperse monthly proceeds directly into the account of your choice through ACH.
  • Q: Do I get to see the lease or sign it?

    A: Lease contracts are a tenant’s property. However, in some cases we may be able to provide you a unsigned copy of the lease contract.
  • Q: Do you sell real estate too?

    A: We offer full service real estate services, as well and can assist homeowners when they are ready to place their property onto the sale market.
  • Q: How and when do I get my checks?

    A: Owners are paid through ACH or in some cases we will send a physical check to your home address. Owners also have a portal where they can keep track of all monthly proceeds and bills that have been paid.
  • Q: How is rent collection handled?

    A: We offer tenants multiple ways to pay their monthly rent both online and in office.
  • Q: How long of a lease do you sign?

    A: Typically lease terms are for one year.
  • Q: How much security deposit do you charge the tenant?

    A: When an owner is interested in Alliance Realty and Property Management potentially managing their property, we schedule a property inspection immediately and can begin management on the day of inspection.
  • Q: What type of properties do you manage?

    A: We manage single family, apartment and townhomes.
  • Q: What type of reports do I get and how often?

    A: Homeowners receive a monthly Owner’s Statement that is available 24/7 through their Owner’s Portal. We also offer the following reports through our management system:
    • Profit and Loss
    • Recurring Charges
    • Owner Bank Activity
    • Owner Trust Account Requirements
    • Cash Flow
    • Cash Flow MTD Comparison
    • Rent Roll Analysis
    • Unit Transaction Listing
  • Q: Who holds the tenant security deposit?

    A: Tenant security deposits are held in an escrow account at a local banking institution.